Anna Miars


experienced digital strategist

I draw on more than six years of experience at the intersection of technology and communications, devising and executing comprehensive digital marketing strategies to launch new revenue streams, strengthen brand awareness, and augment acquisition across platforms. I am adept at creating and managing a broad range of functional and compelling content—blog posts, articles, social media posts, infographics, e-newsletter blurbs, audio clips, video segments—that elevates the end-to-end experience. I am personable, quick to ask questions, always willing to learn, and extremely dedicated to achieving results.

I currently work at the National Association of Manufacturers, the largest manufacturing association in the U.S., representing the men and women who make things in America. In my role, I strategically determine and support functionality and web content needs for the entire association, set KPIs and leverage analytics tools to report on ROI, and serve as a liaison between IT, consultants, and staff to manage digital projects.

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