Anna Miars

favorite places

Eastern Market | Washington, D.C.
The best place to stumble upon local fruits and veggies even when you're not looking. The occasional pair of sunglasses and work of art too.

Newseum | Washington, D.C.
It's easy to wander for hours in this in-depth and fascinating tribute to communications. I've found myself there until closing on more than one occasion.

Bartholdi Fountaion | Washington, D.C.
A peaceful place to catch your breath among an incredible variety of trees and flowers. Sunset is especially wonderful here.

Riverside Park | New York, N.Y.
A tree-lined retreat from the crowded sidewalks of the city. Great for an evening stroll with friends or a solo morning run.

Chez José | Portland, Ore.
A must-visit with my parents that has my all-around favorite salsa and the best beef enchiladas.

Mountain Sun Pub | Boulder, Co.
A craft brewery and restaurant off of Pearl Street that serves great food and the best rasberry wheat beer.

Sequoia | Cairo, Egypt
A Nile side-view of Cairo that can't be beat. A cool breeze off the river and a laid-back atmosphere make for a great night.

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